Home Front Find

We have enjoyed a busy and engaging week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

So far this week, we have attended the recent Museums in Somerset Meeting and let other local museums know what we have achieved and future events and projects; held our quarterly Archaeological Finds Afternoon with the assistance of the Somerset Finds Liaison Officer from Taunton and our Photo Afternoon, where we try and show a selection of the 5000 photographs in the collection.

During the Finds Afternoon one of the notable objects to be identified was a “Binding strip from a medieval or post medieval bucket.”

For our Photograph Afternoon we enjoyed the company of one regular visitor plus a new person that discovered our 2pm to 4pm slot through our railway-themed display in Yeovil Library. They went in and asked; confirmed the time and location and then made the effort to travel on the bus from Sherborne Road and walk the last 15 minutes to be with us.

In addition, a local gardening group were enjoying a tour of the SSDC Nursery alongside us and several members came in to our Research Room. The photographs evoked a wide variety of memories.

One photograph recently located in our store remains something of a mystery, even to someone who has lived in Yeovil all their lives. This may not be surprising, as the image is a close-up of the front of a terraced house (much like other terraced houses in Yeovil). However, the notable detail lies in the fact that one half of the terrace is a shop with a ‘nylons’ dispenser on the wall. We would be grateful for any further details please!

One of the objects identified this week: a “Binding strip from a medieval or post medieval bucket.”


Can anyone tell us where this shop is please? The number above the door is believed to be ‘141’

Mystery Shop534





2 thoughts on “Home Front Find

  1. Roger McElliott

    The shop was on the corner of Huish and Orchard Street (last use was a sub post office), on the opposite corner to Montagues shop and off licence.


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