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CHAC ‘a’ Clooney

Ever wondered about the link between the Community Heritage Access Centre near Yeovil, Somerset and the marriage of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin? To be honest, neither had we! However, we recently received a few (few thousand!) receipts related to Thorpes’ Chip Shop in Yeovil; one of which shows the purchase of a Bridal Gown & Veil, Bridesmaid Frock and Head Dress to order from Frederick Taylors The House of Quality on June 11, 1928 for £10.10.0.

Topical wedding link this week with Frederick Taylor's Store on the corner of King George Street and High Street

Topical wedding link this week with Frederick Taylor’s Store on the corner of King George Street and High Street

This is particularly interesting as the majority of receipts are for potatoes, fish, meat and oil. A few of the receipts provide another insight into the lives of the shop owners themselves.



Strawberries and Cream (and fish…)

Hello and Happy Friday from the research room at CHAC!


This week our Friday blog is swapping out the fish for a bowl of strawberries and cream as it’s that exciting time of year again….WIMBLEDON! (yay!)


However, not to fear fish fans, we have still managed to find a suitably tennis themed item from our Fish and Chip shop archive to share with you all this week as it would appear there just isn’t anything our Mr Thorpe didn’t get up to! Alongside running his hugely successful shop in Yeovil it seems that Mr Thorpe liked to indulge in a spot of tennis on his days off. Whilst it’s unlikely he was Yeovil’s answer to Andy Murray, he may have taken after Russia’s Marat Safin, as we have in the collection a receipt for the repair of one racket in 1930. Perhaps it was an accident but who knows for sure…

Thorpe Racket for Blog654

 Fun Friday Fact:  Safin claims to have broken 1055 rackets throughout his career!!

Small World...

Hello Hello Hello and Happy Friday from CHAC!

We hope that you all have had a brilliant half term week (if you are lucky enough to have one!) and have been getting out and about and visiting all the different events that have been put on by museums all over!

This week at CHAC saw our new volunteers starting! 6 enthusiastic people of all ages, some completely new to CHAC and others that we have known for a long time. We are very excited to have them working with us! and together with the staff they have been uncovering and recording some fabulous donations – like this poster here for Somerton Brewery dating 1897!! It is in such wonderful condition for an object that is over 100 years old!

….and on chatting to one of a new volunteers we made a spooky discovery, that it turns out one of our volunteers is actually a distant relative of our very own Mr Thorpe from our Fish Fridays Fish and Chip shop donation!

Raiders of the Lost Archive....

It’s been a busy week at CHAC so this “Fish Friday” is our only blog post for this week.

As we are a small team based on the outskirts of Yeovil we are always looking for new ways to market our service and bring Heritage out of the stores and to the people of South Somerset.

In the archive we found that Mr Thorpe was also trying to get the people of Yeovil talking about his Fish and Chip shop. So much so that in 1929 he produced a short film to be shown during the advert breaks at the Central Cinema on Church Street in Yeovil for 4 weeks advertising his business. A true entrepreneur!

Perhaps it’s time CHAC gave Cineworld a call!

Fish, Chips and Charity at 28 Sherborne Road

Is it really time for another Fish Friday again already!? This week at CHAC due to the popularity of the #nomakeup “selfies” that have been going around for Cancer Research this week and all of the great efforts for Sports Relief, we’ve been thinking about charitable giving. It would seem that Mr Thorpe, our fish and chip shop owner, was too a charitable man. This week we are showcasing a decorative certificate awarded to Mr Thorpe from Dr Barnardos Homes dated New Years Eve 1931 for a donation of £1 to the charities “food fund”.

We think that’s quite generous considering £1 works out to roughly £30 pounds! We’re feeling quite inspired by Mr Thorpe!