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Yeovil in Print

We have enjoyed a busy and exciting week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, (CHAC) near Yeovil.

We started last week at St James’ Church Christmas Fair, with our 2018 Yeovil Calendar. The Fair was well organised with a ‘Calendar’ place setting already waiting for us and very helpful church members. There was a good mix of stalls and refreshments on hand for visitors. This welcoming atmosphere helped us to achieve a good result with the calendars and explain about CHAC’s role in the community.

We were particularly thankful to meet several new Yeovil residents and share some photographs of the town in the 1960s.

Our next event will be “Stick, Stamp and Print!” at Yeovil Library on Saturday 9th December 2017 from 10.30am – 12.00pm.

We unable to attend in person, but will be creating a display board illustrating aspects of Yeovil’s newspaper and print industry heritage, including Snell’s Printers and The Western Gazette.

We also thought people would like to see this image of the Western Gazette composing room in the early 1960s….


And the Percy Winsor Display of Massey Ferguson tractors and combine harvester at the 1958 Yeovil Show, which is featured in the 2018 Yeovil Calendar. (c) (Commercial Camera Craft)

P2503 Percy Winsor 1958 Display746 1




Written In Denture

We have enjoyed a busy and involving week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

So far we have shared the company of a Yeovil College Degree Student looking at their project on Henry Stiby and his influence on Yeovil and held our latest Photo Afternoon on the theme of “Yeovil Town Centre -1950-1980.”

We would like to thank Yeovil Library for helping us as the Afternoon was advertised via our historical display in one of the library windows. Three people attended as a result of seeing our note. A couple used to run the Quicksilver Mail in Yeovil and a gentleman enjoyed his time in the Royal Observer Corps. All three loved their time looking through old photographs and were happy with the £2.00 charge for our time and refreshments.

Staff always enjoy sharing memories evoked by the photographs. This continued with details of the lady’s time in the Telephone Exchange on the corner of Clarence Street up until 1960. These memories were enhanced when the gentleman visitor explained his sister had also worked in the Exchange from 1964.

We are now planning our next Photo Afternoon and choosing the next theme – suggestions via the BLOG would be appreciated.

Our next public vent with the help of our volunteers will be a Horrible Histories based activity at Yeovil Library on Tuesday 30th May 2017 from 10am-1pm. We are holding an activity linked to the ‘darker’ side of local industries, illustrated with a selection of main collection and handling objects. References include ‘The Pure’ used in the leather dressing industry and glove trade; a small box from a local dentist and pioneer in the use of anaesthetics and something first worn by a Town Clerk in 1949 right up until 2015. However, helpful information from Yeovil Town Council shows that only four people seem to have worn the item – which is interesting for them and us today, given the nature of the object! To find out more under the heading of “What’s In the Box?” – do come along.

We have also just received an important donation of objects and photographs, which include two group photographs of Robbins Gloving Factory Staff, formerly of Alexandra Road, Yeovil. The second image shows the Robbins Gloving Factory Ladies Football Team around 1935 – more on this next week!


Some of the objects we hope to have at our “What’s in the Box” themed activity at Yeovil Library on Tuesday 30th May 2017 between 10am-1pm. These include something from a local dentist and the Royal Observer Corps. To find out, please come along!

Never Fourchette the Past

We have enjoyed a busy and rewarding week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre (CHAC) near Yeovil, Somerset.

We have recently received a selection of intriguing donations. These include a plan of the potential development of Hendford Manor dated 1950, drawn by the Area Planning Officer for Yeovil and today we have the prospect of Cub; Scout; Brownie and Guide uniforms from a local troop. We did a database check on this type of item and we did not have a complete set like this with such a clear provenance.

The main focus of this week was attending the Yeovil Library “Back to the Future” Event on Wednesday 15th February 2017 with our volunteer team on hand to assist us. This was an event designed to bring people into the library to learn about local heritage and local crafts. Exhibitors included the Montacute TV and Radio Museum, wood turners and a 3-D printer demonstration – and us from CHAC!

We had a ‘handling object’ themed display on two tables. We started with Yeovil Town Football Club known as “The Glovers” and used illustrations of the local gloving industry, to provide an idea of the former scale of glove production.

We also had four main activities; drawing around your hand on coloured paper to form ‘a glove’ and colouring in with inspiration from images of gloves in the collection; discovering your glove size with tape measures and hand charts; guess the ‘mystery gloving tool’ and match the glove description to the 9 different gloves on the table. During this process, we also outlined some of the different parts of glove production, including quirks and fourchettes and the present and future of glove production.

The present and future of local glove production was fulfilled by Southcombe Gloves of Stoke sub Hamdon with the courteous loan of three glove samples: ‘Public Order’ Glove; ‘Firemaster Mk 2’ Glove and Men’s deer skin leather glove.

We have to balance the 40 or so people we met to inform about CHAC with the Centre being closed for us to attend the event. Hopefully, many of these people will want to visit us in the future.


Some of the glove designs produced during our activity at Yeovil Library.