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Thorney Issue

T Thorne seen here holding a trumpet is our mystery man.  He is on Yeovil’s War Memorial but apart from his name and this photograph, nothing else is known about him.  Do you know anything about him?

Yeovil Military Band 1913

Yeovil Military Band 1913


Calculating genius.

We received an important donation this week.  An adding machine invented by Guy Petter, a member of the Petter family that invented things like aeroplanes, helicopters etc.  Still with 14 siblings I suppose you had to compete to get noticed.


CHAC gets Soleful

South Somerset District Council Heritage Team from the Community Heritage Access Centre in Yeovil visited the Alfred Gillett Trust in Street, Somerset on Friday 10th October 2014. Alfred Gillett was a keen geologist and his collection of icthysaur remains forms an unusual part of the 25,000 shoes looked after by a dedicated team on behalf of Clark Shoes International.   We were shown around the existing storage area with 18th Century shoes to more recent ‘point of sale’ displays. Our research trip greatly increased our understanding of looking after shoes, particularly that of modern polyurethane (PU) shoes on leather uppers and isolating shoes for treatment. We then went through to the newly created store with roller racking and archival boxes. This marks the completion of a detailed conservation and photographic documentation of each shoe.  Lunch was then enjoyed nearby.DSCN0488


Where can you be surrounded by shoes?  Street  in Somerset of course.  We visited the historical collection of Clarke’s shoes in Street today, it is known as the Alfred Gillett Trust and is located in The Grange next to the shopping village.

Thanks to the staff there for showing us round and chatting to us about how they store their shoes.  It is an excellent place to visit with a lot of wow factor!



CHAC ‘a’ Clooney

Ever wondered about the link between the Community Heritage Access Centre near Yeovil, Somerset and the marriage of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin? To be honest, neither had we! However, we recently received a few (few thousand!) receipts related to Thorpes’ Chip Shop in Yeovil; one of which shows the purchase of a Bridal Gown & Veil, Bridesmaid Frock and Head Dress to order from Frederick Taylors The House of Quality on June 11, 1928 for £10.10.0.

Topical wedding link this week with Frederick Taylor's Store on the corner of King George Street and High Street

Topical wedding link this week with Frederick Taylor’s Store on the corner of King George Street and High Street

This is particularly interesting as the majority of receipts are for potatoes, fish, meat and oil. A few of the receipts provide another insight into the lives of the shop owners themselves.