Conference Call

A busy and exciting week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

So far, we have sent off for the first proof copy of the 2017 Celebrating Yeovil Calendar, finalised more of our Summer Town House Exhibition and our volunteers have celebrated their 2-year anniversary of volunteering with a meal in Stoke Sub-Hamdon.

The big event of the week was our attendance at Yeovil University Centre Student Conference at Yeovil College University Centre, Mudford Road, Yeovil on Wednesday 25th May 2016.

This was a student led conference displaying a range of professional skills, including presentations and discussions on a variety of themes spanning across English and History. The conference showed the skills and knowledge gained over three years on the students’ degree course.

A notable element of these skills and knowledge were gained at CHAC as the students visited between November 2015 and February 2016, to learn about some of the key tasks staff carry out to care for the collection.

These included accessioning photographs; conservation cleaning of objects and downloading information on relative humidity and temperature to see what the climatic conditions were like in the stores; (Not to mention a chemise worn by Queen Victoria!)

The students had reflected these ‘rewarding visits’ in their ‘Student Market’ portfolio displays, with academic blogs ‘linked to a local museum’ (guess who!) and photographs of their time with staff carrying out their activities like cleaning or even locating selected objects in the store.

In the morning, we learnt about the students’ courses with elements of creative writing, journalism, teaching abilities, blogging and editorial pieces. After a refreshing lunch, in the afternoon session, the four students each gave a presentation. Three of these were critiques of novels around a specific theme, including Neoliberal Corruption; identity and the circularity of Life or approaches to narrative.

Staff from CHAC were thanked specifically for their help during the course, especially for providing access to a work-based environment and examples of actual work that has to be completed to ensure the best quality of care for the items and photographs. Staff did not realise how much they had helped and encouraged the students – and dare we say – how much fun we enjoyed along the way!

Fundamentally, the conference was a reminder to Staff of the significance of connecting with a new part of the community and that the care carried out is worthwhile and has a purpose.


CHAC Staff with Yeovil University Centre Students –


Yeovil University Centre Students with Staff and Lecturers


Thank you Card555



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