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CHAC in focus

The Community Heritage Access Centre near Yeovil held its first “Photo Afternoon” on Thursday 15th January 2015 between 2pm and 4pm. This event was advertised through a display in Yeovil Library Window and we asked people to ‘book on’ so we knew names and numbers attending.

The event itself was very simple to organise, with a random selection of boxes from our photographic collection and our ‘Walk Books’ showing Yeovil in the 1960’s.

This selection proved very rewarding for all those present and two visitors knew each other but did not know they had both booked to attend the same event! One of the best stories of the afternoon was a daughter that had seen the event and informed her parents through their Christmas card, which they placed on their Christmas tree and opened on Christmas Day! At the end of the activity, they also confirmed the afternoon was one of their best Christmas presents.

The Photo Afternoon came about as a simple answer to a requirement from our newly achieved Accreditation Status for CHAC to be open 20 days a year. We are always open regularly, but this was under a specific, booked theme. The Photo Afternoon worked well and was simple to organise and is therefore something we hope to repeat. Our next scheduled event is due to be an Archaeological Finds Afternoon on Wednesday 4th March 2015 – booking essential!


An enjoyable afternoon with a selection of the photographic collection – so many memories!


photographs, lace and an apology …

Hello! apologies for the lack of posts this last week, it’s been a very very busy week and a half at CHAC! We’ve been getting up to all sorts and have had lots of interesting visits!

Some highlights…


On Friday CHAC participated in English Tourism Week by hosting a photo day which was really successful. We had 5 people book in for an afternoon of looking through our collection of historic photographs ,teas and coffees and just general enjoyment. The group were also joined by one of our regular visitors who has to date looked through over 4000 items in our photographic archive, which made for very interesting conversation!!




But that’s not all….

Yesterday staff at CHAC were very fortunate to meet with staff, volunteers and trustees at Honiton AllHallows Museum following on from an earlier visit by a textiles expert from Warminster. We took down some samples of lace that we had found tucked away in our collection for identification and to get some advice from the experts about storage and conservation. We found out that most of our lace collection is from the Edwardian period and is mainly machine made, although we did find that we have a few examples of earlier French and English hand-made lace as well! So all in all it was a very worthwhile trip (and we also got the chance to have a little look around the museum – we highly recommend a visit! look out for the famous hippo!)

machined lace with a bell pattern, probably Edwardian


Late 1700’s to early 1800’s French Needle Lace known as Alencon