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Fish Fridays!

Here at CHAC we love love love our fish and chips – so in keeping with the tradition every Friday we will be serving up a different item from the Sandy’s Fish and Chip shop collection.

The collection came to CHAC at the end of 2013 and was donated by the brother in law of the previous shop owner, Sandy Mitchell who ran Sandy’s Fish and Chips untill 1978. The collection comprises of a large number of documents (over 1000!) all relation to the Thorpe family who lived at number 28 Sherborne Road, Yeovil. It is believed they were the previous owners of the shop.

We hold everything from invoices for cooking oil from Bristol, Pea-Steamers from Manchester and potatoes from Norton-Sub-Hamdon to receipts for tailored suits and evening dresses from South Kensington.

Today we bring you a Demand Note dated April 1931 from the Borough of Yeovil to Mr F Thorpe Esq. for the payment of the general rate and water charges for the shop at 28 Sherborne Road. The bill was payable the “Yeovil Corporation” at the Municipal Offices on King George Street and the costs are a total of £8 4s 5d for half a financial year of “general rates” i.e. council tax and for two quarters of water!

Although that roughly equates to £270 in today’s money, it is funny to think that now a days £8.00 is probably the average price of a fish supper!