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Spring has Sprung!

As today is apparently the first day of spring (and we are officially *loving* the Google doodle for today!) it would seem appropriate to post that we have been doing some much needed spring cleaning at CHAC and it feels so good to have everything put away neat and tidy!

It has been suggested by the font of all knowledge that is Wikipedia – I mean… the clever elves at here at CHAC… that spring cleaning has its origins in ancient Iran and in the Persian New Year which falls on or around the 21st of March. Part of the celebrations included the practice of Khouneh Tekouni or “shaking of the house”.

However, closer to home it would seem the tradition has been adopted in the West as March was a good time to start dusting. This was because before the invention of the vacuum cleaner dusting the house meant opening all the doors and windows; March was seen as a good time to dust because it was warm enough for open windows and doors not be a problem but not so warm that pests and insects were awake enough to get in!

Either way, we think our nice tidy research room looks just grand and we’re dying to show it off to our visitors!