Pays to be Prepared

A Scout Troop of 20 members from Ilchester came to South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre to see the collections and learn about local history in order to gain their ‘history badge.’


Having the Half-Term Victorian themed trail already in place was another bonus as this really helped with the structure of the evening and is now in place for future events, with only minor alterations to the questions on the trail and small adjustments to interpretative text on the objects.

Volunteer development was another key highlight. Volunteer assistance was required in order to run the evening successfully as 1 staff member to 20 visitors is not practical on health and safety grounds or for the enjoyment of the visitors, or for the safety of collections. What was good to see was how all the volunteers took their role; 1 assisting me in starting off on the trail and two starting off with the three mystery objects; cub jumper link to the Barwick Follies and then coming to see me in order to start down stairs as we moved on upstairs. This level of autonomy was great and justified my guiding them through the trail a week before and on the morning of the event. This is something to feed back on at our volunteer meetings and to build on for the future and share with our Spark Volunteer representative.


Fundamentally, a great example of minimum effort; maximum gain, especially in terms of income generation, which South Somerset District Council have asked us to do and using other staff and volunteer help to achieve this.

We have our next Photograph Afternoon on Thursday 16th November 2017 from 14.45 – £2 per person on the theme: “Shops and Schools.” Places Limited!

The 2018 Yeovil Calendar in A4, spiral-bound format is now available at £6.00 each.




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