Not So Horrible History

We have enjoyed an exciting week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, (CHAC) near Yeovil, Somerset.

Tuesday saw our activity as part of Yeovil Library’s “Horrible Histories” morning event for Half Term.

Staff were assisted by volunteers as we related some of the ‘horrible’ connections with local industries, including the ‘finger stretchers’ from the gloving industry and the previously mentioned Town Clerk’s wig first worn in 1949. One of the ‘best’ reactions came with our set of false teeth contained in a small card box marked ‘Dental Surgeons’ which were pioneers in anaesthetics in dentistry and are still to be found on Penn Hill. This was especially useful, as the building could be indicated out of the library window.

Staff also met a student and their family researching their home for a college project during the activity. Shortly after, they came to CHAC and we found an original planning application for their row of houses – prompting a comment in our Visitor’s Book “Amazing – because we found the plans to our house.”

We also celebrated 3 years of volunteering with our volunteer group.

joseph dentures


Staff with the false teeth from “W.F.G. Harvey & J.J.Hinton, Dental Surgeons, 1 Penn Hill, Yeovil, Telephone 509” (Image courtesy of Yeovil Library Staff)




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