Registering Our Success

We have enjoyed a busy and eventful week since our last posting from the South Somerset District Council, Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Carrying on, from where we left off, the two enquirers with a shared interest in the Ship Café, Earle Street, Yeovil met at CHAC on Friday 7th March 2017 and shared memories together of growing up around the town. Two photograph albums were particularly helpful as they showed the area around Earle Street and Vincent Street before, during and after the Quedam Shopping Centre was built.

The particular reminiscences were great to hear, including remembering the blue and white diamond pattern table cloths; an especially fine coffee, which was a ‘trademark’ of the Ship Café and the staff behind the counter, which were the one enquirer’s relatives!

This Monday we were joined by a Yeovil College University Centre Student to complete a CHAC display for our regular Yeovil Library Window slot. This was on the theme of Registrars and Registration in Yeovil from around 1830 to the modern-day. This was a superb exercise as the student completed all the text and captions and requested copies of certain photographs to illustrate the locations of the buildings which historically housed the registration departments.

This collaborative project fulfilled two aims; to provide our next Library Window Display and the student with a practical piece of actual evidence for their coursework.

On Tuesday, staff and volunteers were made welcome at Bruton Museum and the nearby Hauser and Wirth Art Gallery for our Volunteer Outing. We were blessed with the weather and John Steinbeck’s writing desk and some were also able to enjoy the delights of Cole Manor Tea Rooms around one mile from Bruton.


The display on the history of Registrars and Registration in Yeovil created by a Yeovil College University Centre Student.



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