Meeting of Memories

We have enjoyed a busy and eventful week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

So far, we have welcomed two District Council Colleagues on tours of the Centre. This was especially useful for staff as one tour highlighted the treadle sewing machines, which brought to mind a relative’s role as an outworker in the local gloving industry. The second tour revealed an interest in aerial photographs, so the 1948 black and white aerial image of Huish Football Ground and the colour image of Reckleford were of particular interest. Intriguingly, the Reckleford image showed a completed Yeovil Hospital, so was after 1973, but still showed the Huish Football Ground, so was therefore taken before 1992.

One of the key elements Centre staff expressed was the Collecting Policy and how this has become much more stringent over the years! We also explained the constant reminder that objects are from the public, for the benefit of the whole community.

We also met our prospective Work Experience Student for two days in July this year. Like the two staff tours, they were also surprised by the range of objects cared for at the centre.

All three tours raised what may seem simple questions, but are important to follow-up. These included: “What type of handle is that on the Denner and Stiby Knife”; “Is William Wyndham, the provider of Yeovil’s first Museum related to the Wyndham in ‘Wyndham Hill’ and “Can you loan dresses out to a film company for extra income?”

The last question is covered by our Accreditation standards and the original agreement signed by the donor of the item. Other ethical issues raised by the question need more consideration, to be ready for future tours.

We also enjoyed a co-incidental meeting of memories recently, when two separate enquiries shared a connection to the Ship Café in Earl Street, Yeovil. One enquirer’s relatives owned or worked in the Café and the second enquirer remembers going in for refreshments. We hope to unite the two enquirers today at 3pm. We aim to report back on progress next time!

We also completed the W.H. Slade, Glenville Road Glove Company Enquiry this week, by scanning two planning documents; one from 1920 and a second from 1952 – aspects of which are reproduced below.

Directory 1910 Slade578

In the 1910 Kelly’s Directory, Henry Slade are listed in Reckleford, Yeovil.

1920 Block Plan Glenville Road617

This is the proposed new Factory Site in Glenville Road, Yeovil. The plan is dated 31st January 1920.

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