The Vital Lynx

Working in partnership and forging new relationships was this week’s exciting theme at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, (CHAC) near Yeovil.

The week began with confirming the date and time for a work experience student interview and arranging a visit for East Chinnock Gardening Club for May 2017. As 40 people wished to visit in one go, we decided on two visits of 20 people each to enable the group to see as much as possible.

Following schools training last Thursday in Dorchester, we aim to contact local primary and secondary schools to explain what type of collections we care for, to see how these can fit in with the curriculum.

The Know Your Place Digital Mapping Project have also contacted CHAC to request further information on four Yeovil maps from the collection which were scanned and digitized at the Somerset Heritage Centre for inclusion in the project. The 1806 ‘Watts’ Map of Yeovil is well-documented with at least one copy appearing as the end papers in L.C. Hayward’s “Portreeve to Mayor” book on Yeovil and a notable analysis in Duncan Black’s study of the History of Yeovil through Maps which appeared in Yeovil : A Hidden History by Brian and Moira Gittos in 2004. However, the three other maps dating from 1763 and 1764 may need more detective work. This will be a great exercise for one of our volunteers with cartography experience.

At 12.45pm today, staff also witnessed a fly past from four Lynx Mark 8 helicopters, together with a Merlin 101 helicopter. This was probably our only opportunity to see the Lynx helicopters during their farewell tour, after 41 years’ service, before production begins of the Wildcat, the replacement for the Lynx. The flypast covered southern England, visiting military sites associated with the helicopter.

Gratitude to the BBC Website for information.


Staff and Volunteers hosted a gloving themed activity as part of the “Back to the Future”  event at Yeovil Library on Wednesday 15th February 2017, where we were grateful for the loan of three sample pairs of gloves from Southcombe gloves of Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset.      (Image Courtesy of Yeovil Library)


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