Why I Volunteer

This week we reflect on volunteering through our Volunteer Co-Ordinator.

There are various reasons why I decided to volunteer after I retired; to meet new people; be involved in a subject I am interested in and doing something completely different.

The completely different one is parkrun; a 5k run every Saturday morning around the parkland of a National Trust House. Before we get carried away, I don’t run; I marshal, time keep, give out tokens and keep a check that everything is going smoothly. My daughter and grandchildren in Edinburgh are the ‘fit family.’ They run, swim, cycle and take part in their nearest parkrun. Being involved in my local park run makes me feel close to her for an hour or so every Saturday morning. With my daughter living in Scotland, perhaps you can understand why I feel closer to her.

Volunteering number 2 – I am a tour guide at the above National Trust house. I take people around the outside of the house and for 50 minutes give them a condensed history of the house and its occupants. This is where my love of history and amateur dramatics comes into its own.

Volunteering number 3 – An active steward at a local museum. Again, this involves meeting people and sharing knowledge of the town, our artefacts and the enthusiasm of our collectors.

Volunteering number 4 –Volunteer Co-ordinator at CHAC

(Community Heritage Access Centre).

Here I am involved with accessioning artefacts, which can be both objects and photographs. I spent nearly two years accessioning documents from a local clergyman, which covered all his life, from school reports to sermons, family photographs and much more. I found this fascinating and it gave me a real insight into the life of a very interesting man. I work with a team of six others, who all have their own speciality, i.e. costume, paintings etc. We work extremely well as a team and are always on hand to answer questions and help each other.

Volunteering is a wonderful way of spending time; I look forward to all my duties and would recommend volunteering to everyone.


A page from the clergyman’s family Ledger – His family owned a bakery in Hendford, Yeovil.


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