A ‘Jaunty’ Journey

We have enjoyed another busy and involving week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Monday saw a visit from a local college student writing an essay on the question: “Investigate the history and running of a local heritage organisation.” This was a follow-up to an initial meeting and we went through the main text of the essay and helped to fill any requested gaps, including images of W.R.E Mitchelmore, an early benefactor to the collection and taking a photograph of a complete circular linen smoother of dark green, mushroom-shaped glass, found at Ilchester, dating from the Saxon or medieval period.

On Tuesday, we welcomed our regular weekly visit from our group of Yeovil College Degree Students, where we looked at the subject of exhibitions. We examined our current exhibition in Yeovil Town House on ‘Crime and Punishment’ and the factors which are involved in preparing the display. Our 2 hour session illustrated one of these factors, when we asked students to organise themselves into pairs and then pass a handling object from one person to their partner.

We used this simple activity to convey the preparation that has to be made, before an object is loaned to another museum. One specific point is the condition report for each object in the exhibition. With a photograph taken of the object prior to display, any change or deterioration can be noted when the object comes back. It would be difficult to be absolutely sure of this without any photograph for comparison.

CHAC is also attending the Photo Sharing Day at  Nine Springs Café on Tuesday 17th January 2017. We also asked the students to complete a small exhibition display for the Sharing Day.

We printed out a small selection of photographs related to  Nine Springs and asked the students to create the display for us. This resulted in quite a bit of discussion and sharing of ideas – resulting in the two ‘jaunty angle’ placement of images – which led to some more discussion!


Part of the display created by Yeovil students this week.


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