IAM New Order

A busy and eventful start to 2017 at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil, Somerset.

So far this week, we have received two intriguing enquiries. The first was a letter from a gentleman in Cornwall, thanking us for a Yeovil 2017 Calendar he had received as a Christmas present and did not know that CHAC existed. They provided further information on certain pictures and offered to help in the future, having lived in Yeovil and the surrounding area for 58 years.

The second enquiry came from a lady in Oxfordshire, responding to an audio clip we had recorded discussing Petters and the Nautilus Works at Reckleford, Yeovil. Their Grandfather was an engineer working at Petters and the enquirer helpfully provided a scanned high-resolution image of a Petters staff group photograph and identified their relative. We may already have the image in the collection, but the extra detail is always superb to receive as it enhances our knowledge of an existing item and provides a renewed sense of perspective on something we may have become accustomed to seeing. The lesson, therefore, is to always keep learning.

We have also just received a donation of the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) Yeovil Branch Newsletters from setting out in 1979 to completing their journey in 2014.

We will shortly be making the 2017 Yeovil Calendar available at £3.00 each.

We aim to feature some more fantastic costume items next time.

A Happy New Year to all our visitors.

One our recently scanned Images







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