Timely Reminders

We have enjoyed a busy and eventful week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Highlights this week have included our regular weekly visit from Yeovil College Degree Students to learn about what we do at CHAC.

This week we looked at entering records onto the computer database. This was particularly useful as we entered the records completed on the students’ previous visit. These were the photographs of Ian Botham, we believe receiving “The Freedom of Yeovil” in 1983. Each student entered two paper records to get used to the layout and the often specific detail required. However, they all commented that getting the information accurate at the outset, saved much more time later on and could be especially helpful for enquiries and exhibitions.

During a tour of the stores, we familiarised ourselves with the idea of accurate documentation, which is a key requirement of the Accreditation Standards. One of the ways we illustrated this was to put the accessioned photographs in their archival box and then ask the students to put the box in the designated permanent location; CHAC; ECS1, Row 5, Bay 1; Shelf 2 for example. This was a fun way to learn as we worked our way down from a relatively big ECS1 to the shelf in question.

During this process, we also highlighted an object associated with a student’s dissertation. One student is studying the Louisa Harris Diaries 1887-1920 and Louisa’s life in Yeovil. On our tour, we found a leather bag with the following description on a paper label:

“A bag used by Bessie Harris, sister of Louisa Harris, to collect rent from the properties owned by the Harris Family.”

This raised the question of which properties; especially as the Harris family lived next door to the Edgar Family in Clarence Street, Yeovil; the Edgar in Petter and Edgar fame, which would eventually lead to Westland. We will try and report back!

Another star find this week includes the memories evoked by the 2017 Yeovil Calendar. Real gems include the owner of the original image featured on the front cover showing VE-Day 8th May 1945 in Silver Street – so now we can put names to the faces! In addition, we also received an email stating that a relative was in the St. Ivel Image and the Scout Leader in the High Street Image still lives in the south west of England and upon opening the Calendar pronounced “That’s Me!”


One of our recently scanned images – notably showing Genge’s Corner on the corner of Princes Street and Westminster Street – another link to the 2017 Yeovil Calendar.








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