Wheels within wheels

We have enjoyed a busy and exciting week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Highlights so far this week have included a visit from the new SSDC Chief Executive on a tour of the collections and to see what we do in terms of income generation and returning a spinning wheel to Chard Museum after 11 years in storage at CHAC.

We also welcomed a group from the Yeovil Hub on Thursday for their first booked tour of the collections. The Hub supports the development of work and life skills for their service-users, known as trainees – young people and adults with learning difficulties, disabilities, social communication and mental health issues. The group found out about CHAC through the 2017 Yeovil Calendar on sale in the Courtyard Café.

After a cup of tea and coffee, staff and the group leader guided everyone around the Large Object Store and Environmentally Controlled Stores. Favourite objects included the Horseless Carriage engine; Petter and Edgar Cheese Press and Lufton Roman Villa Model. The Angel Statue from the Angel Inn also attracted attention, mainly due to a certain episode of Doctor Who!

The selection of bottles from the brewing industry and Newton Chemist Collection proved particularly popular as one member of the group is a keen bottle collector.

We also looked at some paintings of well-known Yeovil people of the past including the Dampier family of leather dressers, which the Eastland Road leather dressing factory was constructed for.

The group completed their tour by studying an aerial image of Yeovil taken in 1965 – as they were keen to find the location of the Hub near Eastland Road; what the town looked like at the time and what had changed. We were delighted to see the group’s enthusiasm for their local heritage.


A group from The Hub, Yeovil studying an aerial view of Yeovil in 1965.




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