A Hidden Jewel

We have enjoyed another busy and exciting week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre.

Highlights so far have included our group of Yeovil College Degree Students accessioning the new photographs of Ian Botham in 1983 from Yeovil Town Council and learning about the decisions we make when accepting new objects. The key point in this respect is always referring to our collecting policy.

One of the specific items the students considered was a wig in a metal tin. They then noted the name on the outside of the tin, so dismissed the original idea of a biscuit tin.

In reality, the box inscribed ‘T.S. Jewels’ holds a wig first worn by the Yeovil Town Clerk in 1949 and by successive Yeovil Town Clerks right up until 2012. Therefore, under our collecting policy of “Yeovil and South Somerset,” in general terms this is a very good provenance – which is always something we consider. A label with ‘T.S. Jewels’ is also sewn inside the wig.

The major issue was how to look after the wig. Fortunately, we are assisted by a knowledgeable conservator, based in the south west of England from the South West Federation of Museums with the following advice:

“Touch it as little as possible, but if you feel it needs a little more padding on the wig stand, use some soft, crumpled tissue to add support inside the wig. Then, if there’s space in the hat box, I would consider laying a sheet of tissue over the wig inside the box before you put the lid on, to protect it from condensation. Then I would keep the whole ensemble in a box perhaps with a blunder trap inside the box.”

The 2017 Yeovil Calendar continues to do well with support from our outlets including The Emporium, Princes Street, Yeovil and The Courtyard Café, 27 Market Street, Yeovil. £6.00 each or 2 for £10.00.

The Yeovil Town Clerk wig first worn by T.S. Jewels Esq in 1949



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