Fit for a Queen

We have enjoyed a busy and involving week since our last post from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre.

This week’s highlights have included items that were on loan to Bruton Museum, returning to CHAC, including a chemise that we understand was worn by Queen Victoria. Our volunteers enjoyed the process of checking the items against the carefully prepared condition reports, making note of any observations in terms of condition and points for future checking and then placing the objects back in their permanent location, for staff to update the object’s record on our database.

The Know Your Place Project is reaching the Public Exhibition stage and we are assisting with the text from our Yeovil contributions on Gloving and Wyndham Hill.

We will also be preparing our next display for Yeovil Library Window, due to be ready by Wednesday 2nd November 2016 and also accessioned a fascinating photograph of Huish, Yeovil, showing Queen Street, which we hope to have ready for the BLOG next time.

We have also received a request to help with a display at Ninesprings Café in Yeovil with illustrations of Ninesprings and any background information.

Celebrating Yeovil 2017 Calendar is now available.

More images of our Volunteer Visit on 10th October 2016 – this time Crewkerne Museum. Crewkerne Museum can be contacted on (01460) 77079.




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