Aiding Display

Aiding Display


A busy and rewarding week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

One of the highlights so far was the extension of a loan of three mannequins to Dulverton Heritage Centre. The mannequins had made a display of costume possible and the theme proved so popular that staff at Dulverton wanted the items for another year and we were happy to oblige.

Visits this week included a fellow member of staff enquiring whether we had reference material for an anniversary event commemorating the closure of Yeovil Town Station around 1966. Helpfully, we had already prepared a display for a Great Western Railway celebration in March 2016, which can be used again. The Yeovil Town Station commemorative event is due to be held in October at the Yeovil Railway Centre, Yeovil Junction Station. This will be another way to promote our ‘Celebrating Yeovil 2017 Calendar,’ as the November image is of the naming ceremony for the ‘Yeovil’ locomotive.

We also had the ‘company’ of an electrician, installing a new emergency light over a fire exit. We discovered that the electrician came from Martock and had an interest in historical buildings. We therefore encouraged this interest with images of Martock from the Peall & Co Estate Agent archive, which were enjoyed over a lunch hour.

The ‘Celebrating Yeovil 2017 Calendar’ is now available from Brimsmore Garden Centre, near Yeovil.

All in all – aiding display in every way.


The Privilege and Poverty Display at Dulverton Heritage Centre, with mannequins on loan from the Community Heritage Access Centre (C.H.A.C)

(Courtesy of Dulverton Heritage Centre)

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