A Page in Time

We have enjoyed a busy, eventful and rewarding week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, (CHAC) near Yeovil.

So far this week, we have helped a researcher and writer with an historical interest in brewing in Somerset, by showing them related objects and photographs in our environmentally controlled store. This was particularly beneficial, as the researcher highlighted objects like the wooden bushel market measures, used to weigh out the barley and grain in the brewing process; something which we might not immediately consider when researching and finding information.

We have also helped the Abbey Manor Community Centre with an event on Saturday 20th August 2016. This is an illustrated talk by Dr James Gerrard at 7.30pm with an admission charge. Dr James Gerrard is a Lecturer in Roman Archaeology at Newcastle University and his talk will be on the latest survey and finds at the Lufton Villa site. We have loaned our model of the Lufton Roman Villa for the evening as an effective visual aid.

One of the highlights this week was a visit from the Yeovil University of the Third Age (U3A) Group for a tour of CHAC. With 16 members, staff provided refreshments and then led two groups of 8 around some of the highlights of the collection.

Two significant points arose. The first was the length of time which members had lived in Yeovil. It soon emerged that most were long-time or life time residents, with the exception of one, who had lived in Yeovil for ten years. This became more apparent as we discussed the present site of a local supermarket, being the former home of Yeovil Town Football Club and we also mentioned the George Inn.

The second was a number of bound volumes of the Western Gazette. Two members spotted these on the shelf and noted that they were married in September 1962. Sure enough, there was their group photograph and report, but there was further interest to come. The bridegroom concerned, worked for the Western Gazette at the time and had actually engraved the photographic plates including their own wedding photograph. To which, we received the reply, “No wonder we were at the top of the page!”

In other news, the ‘Celebrating Yeovil 2017 Calendar’ is now available from CHAC and Yeovil and Cartgate Tourist Information Centres.



Alex and Ruby Rollo on their U3A August visit to the Community Heritage Access Centre, with their wedding report in the Western Gazette volumes from the collection at CHAC.




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