‘Hire’ Education

We have enjoyed a busy and entertaining week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, Yeovil, Somerset.

One of the highlights this week was a meeting with a donor of the Pulman Archive. Mr Pulman was a clergyman from Norton Sub Hamdon. This was particularly intriguing as our volunteer had been documenting the archive for nearly two years.

We have also enjoyed the company of a group of Yeovil University Centre Students. They have helped us to select a number of objects related to historical crime around the Yeovil area which is to be displayed at the Yeovil Town House in July 2016. These included some manacles and a whip and caused some amusement.

We have also looked at potential images for the 2017 Yeovil Calendar and considered different typefaces for the front cover.

The students commented about their experiences:

“This is an educational experience we would otherwise not have received.”

“I like touching all the antique objects, hands-on approach – with gloves on!”

“Really enjoyed looking at the old photographs and discovering that Yeovil is more than gloves and lactic cheese!”

“Enhanced work experience for my CV and knowledge of career opportunities.”





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