Back on Track

Back on Track

A Happy New Year from everyone at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

A busy week so far with requests to learn about our Yeovil Calendar from a local Museum; a booking for a talk on Louisa Harris Diaries 1887-1920 for March 2016 and a visit from a researcher to help with objects and photographs related to the Yeovil Show.

An intriguing element came just before Christmas. This reminded staff of the two-way process involved with learning from local people and local history.

Our Yeovil 2016 Calendar features Yeovil Town Football fans at a railway station awaiting departure to see Yeovil Town play Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup in the 1948 / 1949 Season.

Based on existing information, we stated this to be Yeovil Town Station. However, we received the following contact:

“The front cover photograph is fans seeing off the team at Yeovil Pen Mill station.  The contact’s husband was the youngest player for the Yeovil Town team and he is in the photograph along with the other players including Alec Stock.  The chap on the right wearing a trilby and a rosette next to the old man in the flat cap is Fred Voizey who worked at the Evening Post offices in Yeovil.  Mr Hamilton is the chap to Fred Voizey’s right – left as you look at it.  The Evening Post offices were in Princes Street where the florist is now.”

To some extent, we could see this as a mistake. However, this also shows that Museums need to keep receptive and keep learning; rather than become complacent and think they know everything about a given subject; examples in Yeovil’s case, being gloving or football. There will always be another piece of information or another memory to offer a new or different perspective on existing knowledge.

P1142 Yeovil Town Supporters 1948 49 Season Bristol Evening Post829





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