Bloomin’ Marvellous (Glad All Over)

Another busy, varied and exciting week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre.

In our last week before Christmas, we have enjoyed the company of our volunteers on our annual volunteer Christmas Lunch held in Montacute and the Team of Yeovil College Students looking at possible photographs for a new CHAC leaflet.

Enquiries this week included a researcher from Nottingham looking for copies of the 1928 Ordnance Survey 1:500 Scale Map of Yeovil, with a particular focus on Yeovil Town Station – as they are building a scale model. We also used relevant sections of the 1961 aerial survey of Yeovil to show Yeovil Town Station from above and the layout of the railway lines to and from the Station. We hope to scan the suitable maps shortly. We also wondered why someone from Nottingham would be making a model of Yeovil Town Station – and it turns out, they used to live in South Western Terrace, Yeovil, opposite the Town Station.

Donations this week feature a Kelways of Langport Gladioli Catalogue from 1958. The standing of Kelways in the Community was underlined by the opening paragraph:

“Our Reputation in this Country at the head of actual Raisers and Growers as well as Exhibitors of Gladioli for 100 years is a guarentee of the Quality of those which we offer herewith.”

This was also notable, for the intiguing items we found inside; namely a small advertisement for Kelway’s own brand of weedkiller “The Kelway KilWeed Non-Poisonous Powdered Weed Killer – No danger, except to weeds – of which it makes a clean sweep. The Best of all Weed Killers” and pencil written instructions of how to care for cucumbers.

We also offer some seasonal, ‘Yeovil’ Christmas Cheer with our small bird-shaped, (possibly Robin!) glove-pattern decoration cutter!

Thank you to all those that have helped CHAC this year and we look forward to 2016 – Best wishes of the Season!

Kelways 1958 Catalogue159



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