Abstract Detail

We have enjoyed a busy and energetic week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Last Friday saw our Staff Christmas Meal at Inn the Square, West Coker, where we all enjoyed the seasonal cheer.

We started the week with maps from the collection being transported to the Somerset Heritage Centre, near Taunton to be digitised for the ‘Know Your Place’ Maps Project.  All five maps protected by bubble wrap made their way safely to the conservator and are to be returned rolled for ease of storage.

While we were loading the last map, our research room telephone rang and a donation we were expecting was arranged for ’30 minute’s time.’ We were slightly concerned from the description as this was described as ‘documents – several cubic feet.’ As the donor is well known to us and rides a bicycle, this seemed interesting and perhaps unlikely. However, on this occasion they drove and we wondered what was going to emerge from within. However, these documents were slightly less of a test than the maps, as they were tied in around 8 bundles and added up to 86 individual books – dating from 1912 to 1996 each one an “Abstract of Accounts for Yeovil Borough Council” followed by the “District Council” after the political change in the mid 1970s. Despite some local interest from mice, these are a valuable addition to the collection at CHAC as they fall within our Collecting Policy and also a MODES Database Check revealed that we do have similar books, but only up to 1908. The donor also added significant detail as they were chief accountant up until 1996; where the personal insight is always useful.

In a good week for new donations, we also received two fascinating photographs of South Petherton Hospital around 1969, which we know are not presently in the photographic collection and a pre-1971 Map of Yeovil featuring advertisements of local businesses.

Our Yeovil 2016 Calendar is set to pass the 400 sales mark and two members of staff were helping on Thursday 9th December with a designated sales activity at our SSDC Headquarters at Brympton Way from 12.00 until 13.00.

We also welcome our now regular group of Yeovil College Students this week. We aim to be looking at our MODES (Museum Object Data Entry System) Database, demonstrating how to search for objects and photographs, having fun finding them in the store and then entering the paper records for the objects the students documented and marked last week. We try and show the whole process and we have discovered this can be enjoyable – watching (or should we say helping!) others to complete valuable work, central to the role of CHAC.

This is a fitting point to mention our Volunteers, which through their weekly, Wednesday documentation of objects and photographs, has enabled staff to focus on visitors and groups like the Yeovil College Students. We have our Volunteer Christmas Meal next week.

Donations this week included Borough of Yeovil Abstract of Accounts Books and photographs of South Petherton Hospital



Seasonal Cheer! (The ladies were disappointed to be out-glammed!)



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