Stitchin’ USA

A busy and eventful week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, Yeovil.

We began the week with our regular volunteer update meeting, where our volunteers can express any thoughts or concerns, based on their weekly tasks. This is also a useful opportunity to update everyone on what is happening and cultivate the sense of community that is in our title. This is key for staff and volunteers, especially where 5 hours a week on a volunteer task is profitable in itself, but enhanced when we realize that this helps with research visits from the public and also that this is taking place in Museums and Heritage Sites around the Country and world wide.

The contribution of volunteer time also enables staff to complete other vital tasks, to ensure the smooth running of the centre. Tidying up the mezzanine floor certainly comes under this category! This is where we store old exhibition panels and displays and some larger conservation materials. Since the closure of the public museum in 2011, this has become one area that has required sorting to enable us to access what we need effectively and dispose of what we no longer need. Setting a specfic time in our diaries has enabled staff to complete this and to see where more than one person is required to lift heavy items.

In other news, we have welcomed a group of Yeovil College Students for a tour today in order to familiarise them with the workings of CHAC. They will be with staff for a set time each week helping with practical activities like documenting a photograph or downloading information on relative humidity. This is to help them with their English and History Courses.

I also have to beg forgiveness from the Beach Boys for our ‘play on words’ title as the sewing machine used by Moffat’s of Yeovil has now arrived with the new owner in California, USA, with the following information:

Ok, the James Moffat Yeovil glove machine has arrived!!!  Safe and sound.

We now know this was purchased while on tour of Europe.

The top tension disks were missing.  The Singer disks from a 46k1 have a center hole that is too large for the Moffat machine to use, so  they removed the whole top tension mechanism and replaced it with the top tension mechanism from a Singer 46k1.  They have kept the original, in the hopes that some day he will find a set of disks that are the correct size.  If there is an opportunity to measure the outer diameter and hole diameter of the originals in your possession, that would be of great service in being able to locate a matching size.

So excited, looking forward to making it stitch again!

We also have a First World War display currently in Yeovil Library using exhibition panels supplied by the Imperial War Museum and linked to the Newnam VAD Hospital in South Street – which is stated on the former hospital on a commemorative plaque in South Street, opposite the library.

Yeovil Calendar Sales now stand at 324.

The Moffat Sewing Machine from Yeovil – now in California, USA! (Courtesy of the owner)

01 - 1885 Mofatt 46k1 clone - Front










One thought on “Stitchin’ USA

  1. Steve Heeter

    Greetings… My Name is Steve Heeter. I am the person in California who was fortunate enough to acquire the Moffat Glove sewing machine. I truly appreciate the regional history that you folks were able to provide. I have finished making a wooden base for it. I recently was able to locate a package of 10 original 46×1 needles so I am hoping to be able to make some stitches with this wonderful machine soon.


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