When in Rome (aka Council Calendar Coincidence)

A busy, varied and involving week since our last posting from South Somerset District Council ‘s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

We recently enjoyed a timely reminder, which linked a research enquiry and the historical Yeovil 2016 Calendar.

The Centre welcomes research visits linked to Yeovil and South Somerset history by appointment.

A local university student made an appointment to view Roman related artefacts and documents from the Centre’s Collection. Staff answered this enquiry with a wide variety of sources, ranging from a fragment of black burnished ware pottery to the 4th Century AD Westland Mosaic pavement and a model of the Lufton Roman Villa to a depiction of the Roman God ‘Mars’.

When the enquirer was leaving, staff discovered they grew up only two minutes from the present Yeovil hospital. This was one of the houses on the entrance to Higher Kingston, now blocked off to traffic and allowing only pedestrian access. However, around 1965, off the ‘Fiveways Roundabout’ cars and scooters of the time are shown emerging from this turning in the October image from the 2016 “Yeovil in the Past” Calendar.

In addition, another link was created with the December 2016 image. This shows the thatched cottage at Ninesprings, which is now part of Yeovil Country Park. The 2016 “Yeovil in the Past” Calendar is now also available from Ninesprings Café, Education and Information Centre at the entrance to Yeovil Country Park, opposite Goldenstones Leisure Centre.

Next time – an update on our Stateside Stitch Sewing Machine connection with Moffat’s of Yeovil!

Taken by Mr Cave around 1965 – The Fiveways Roundabout showing the then ‘open’ access to Higher Kingston as featured in the 2016 “Yeovil in the Past” Calendar and a link for further details on where the calendar can obtained.

P3500 Fiveways Cave 767 Denners Summer Sale Poster for YIC


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