Very Well Preserved

Another busy, varied and intriguing week since our last post from South Somerset District Council’s  Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Following our Finds Afternoon, we held our Photo Afternoon, where members of the public book a place to view photographs from the collection. This has proven to be very successful, especially where a variety of people with different backgrounds attend. One of the most notable elements are the discussions between visitors who have lived in Yeovil all their lives and relatively new people to the area. We are fascinated in the way the former can fill in detail for the latter, especially as they actually lived through and experienced the streets and shops shown in the images.

On Friday, we hosted an evening tour for the Yeovil Archaeology and Local History Society (YALHS) with 12 members attending. This was a great opportunity for staff to show and share the many and varied collections in the environmentally controlled stores and to highlight the parameters which govern the collecting policy. One particular example was accurate documentation and location of objects within the store and how we find them for enquiries. Staff likened this to the scene from Carry On Loving, where the dating agency typed the required characteristics of a person in one side of the dating computer and the resulting matches came out the other side!        We also had interest in our Yeovil Calendar and First World War Booklet.

Monday night saw staff attend the South Somerset Agricultural Preservation Club (SSAPC) Presentation Evening, where trophies were awarded from the annual Yesterday’s Farming Event, organised by the Club. We took along a display related to The First World War in South Somerset; Transport around Yeovil and images from the 2015 Yesterday’s Farming Event – plus a few small toy cars, buses and lorries!

All in all – very well-preserved.

Part of our display from the SSAPC Presentation Evening



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