Tall tales

A very quick blog this week – as we are shortly to embark for our storytelling  “The Vital Lynx”
at Yeovil Library at 10am as part of the National Summer Reading Challenge “Record Breakers.”
Our story looks at a specific record still held by a Westland aircraft. If you would like to know more,
come along, or alternatively, I can reveal this is the Westland G-Lynx which set a world air speed
record for a helicopter at 249.10 mph – the first to break 400 km/h and flown by the late Trevor Egginton.
We have a few visual aids in the form of a Lego helicopter; photo of sunflowers and a nut and bolt – they are all connected – honest!

Also a busy week with a loan box of archaeological handling items to our Countryside colleagues; tours for a staff member from Honiton Museum (and whose Mum was born in Yeovil) and a prospective Heritage University Student looking for practical experience of Museum collections.

Oh and the 2016 Yeovil Calendar is now available!

DSCN1977 All set!


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