A Victorious Display

A busy and varied week at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre, near Yeovil.

Two highlights this week were a tour for Bradford Abbas Local History Society, from Bradford Abbas near Sherborne, Dorset and a VE and VJ Display for East Coker Village Fete on Saturday 4th July 2015.

When the organiser of the Bradford Abbas Local History Society contacted us, his first question was naturally, “would there be any items from Bradford Abbas for us to see?” I was initially a little doubtful, mainly as Bradford Abbas is in Dorset and our collecting policy is Yeovil and South Somerset.

However, a quick search of our database revealed a wide variety of results, ranging from a ‘low spired gastropod’ to a photograph from our Peall & Co Estate Agent Donation dating from 1999 – and a few things in between. These included photographs taken by Henry Stiby, Mayor of Yeovil and a keen Collector, born in Sherborne and later resident in Yeovil up until his death in 1934 at the age of 91. We also showed a photograph of Mrs Jeans, a ‘glove out worker’ working at her cottage at Bradford Abbas using a gloving machine made in Yeovil.

The 20 visitors enjoyed their afternoon and said so – in our visitors book (without any prompting from me or my colleague!)

An organiser for East Coker Annual Village Fete asked us to prepare a display board on the theme of VE and VJ Day. This follows our 2014 display on Yeovil and World War One. This was an interesting creative process as we selected a number of VE-Day photographs, featuring “dancing in the Borough” and “VE-Day Parties.” However, we also made the display ‘mutually beneficial’ through showing one of our recently donated photographs, which happened to be a VE-Day Party and announcing that our “2016 Yeovil Calendar would be coming soon!”

Next time, we aim to look at preparations for our 100th Anniversary Westland Aircraft Exhibition.

Part of Wine Street Documents dated 1.11.1849 between Edward Granger, late of Yeovil, now Bradford Abbas, Gent (1) John Batten the Younger, Gent (2) for £65 Edward Granger rleases to JB the garden called Hores Garden with buildings in Grope Lane. Plan enclosed.

DSCN1586 DSCN1588   DSCN1594 DSCN1597

Our VJ Day Commemorative Mug and part of our display for East Coker Village Fete.


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