The Jolly Passenger

A busy round of displays, saying goodbyes and donations since our last posting.

Our most recent donation came in today and included a notable selection of small black and white photographs related to Bruttons Charringtons Beers, once based in Princes Street, Yeovil.

They relate to the donor’s relative that was a soldier in the Winchester Regiment during World War Two with the 8th Army Deserts Rats. Upon ‘de-mob’ and leaving active service, they took up a post with Bruttons Charringtons driving the lorries to deliver beers to local pubs.

The photographs show their ‘jollies’ or works outings and ever-present on each trip was the coach and a barrel of Bruttons finest beer (the ‘jolly passenger’)- with a helpful tap at one end! There are even bottles of beer in one photograph.

The images are significant for illustrating another chapter in the life of a local industry; the changing life of one of that company’s workers and how we no longer have ‘a jolly passenger’ on works ‘jollies!’

Two of the photographs illustrating Bruttons Charringtons Works Outings of the 1950s. The location is not presently known.

Bruttons Charringtons 2853 Bruttons Charringtons 1852


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