Programme ‘Pitched’ Perfectly

Returning to the theme of one of our previous blogs, we examined the impact of the FA Cup Tie between Yeovil Town Football Club and Manchester United on 4th January 2015.

At the time of writing, we showed an illustration of Petters United from the early 20th Century and stated how we would like any items related to the match on 4th January to start a collection, which would add to our selection of football items, but also be something for future generations to look back on.

We are pleased to say that one, significant item, has already become part of the collection at South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Centre. This is one of the official Matchday “Green and White” Magazines featuring details of both teams and the respective Captains and Managers and we are grateful to Yeovil Town Football Club for this donation.

This places a new parameter on the football collection by providing the latest update and once more, makes us re-evaulate existing documents in the light of fresh evidence – and specifically Yeovil Town’s previous meetings with Manchester United on a different pitch – where the result was 8-0 to Manchester United. Therefore, January’s result of 2-0 in the Premier League Team’s favour shows how far “The Glover’s” have come.


The cover of the official Matchday Programme between Yeovil Town and Manchester United from Yeovil Town Football Club


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