Yeovil Born and Read

South Somerset District Council’s Community Heritage Access Centre has just received an exciting donation from Yeovil Library. These are eight books by the renowned Somerset author, Walter Raymond.

Walter Raymond (1852-1931) was born in Vicarage Street, Yeovil and educated at Kingston School. He was the son of a glover, but chose a literary career that would produce twenty volumes of novels, essays and plays. As a regional novelist he is often compared with Thomas Hardy and it is known that the two did write to one another.

Walter Raymond loved the Somerset countryside, which he called ‘Ciderland’ and ‘although he was born in a town, his heart was always in the fields with the folk.’

Walter Raymond’s literary works make a significant addition to other items associated with the author already in the CHAC Collection. These include a portrait by the late W. Urwick  and a photograph of his Vicarage Street birth place.

Following his death a commemorative plaque was erected in the old Yeovil Library, which was transferred to the new premises. This can be viewed on the stairs on the way up to the Reference Section. (Gratitude to Ansell, Robin and Barnes, Marion “Around Yeovil” 1995)

WRaymond Copy of Portrait757 WRaymond Inside Page756

A copy of Walter Raymond’s portrait in the Community Heritage Access Centre Collection and an illustration from one of his books donated to the Centre by Yeovil Library.


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