Remembering: The First World War in South Somerset


Star speaker Joseph Lewis

We’re taking a break from our Fishy Friday’s this week to bring to you a very special blog about CHAC’s Centenary project, “Remembering: The First World War in South Somerset”.

The Heritage Team welcomed members of staff to South Somerset District Council Brympton Way Council Chamber for a special free commemorative lecture. This was designed as a ‘run through’ for a series of lectures in different venues around Yeovil starting in August 2014. We looked at Yeovil just before the outbreak of War and the contribution made by companies like Petter Westland; the gloving industry and agriculture plus caring for injured soldiers in the Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital in South Street, Yeovil. Several helpful comments were received and the aim is to produce two further lectures looking at written evidence of the First World War in Yeovil and South Somerset and a special commemorative lecture on November 11. Thank you to all staff that came along.


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