What do a Plesiosaur and a 17th Century Water Mill have in common?

Well..in all honesty not an awful lot BUT they were just two of the exciting things that staff from CHAC saw on our annual planning meeting/away day in Bridport.

The day started by visiting the beautiful Mangerton Mill, on the outskirts of Bridport, where the tea room was kind enough to allow us to use their facilities to host our planning meeting. We talked about all the events and projects we want to get involved with over the next year, including extending our First World War Centenary commemorations into 2015 – watch this space!

Mangerton Mill

The lovely Mangerton Mill – complete with working water wheel

Next after a bit of lunch in the tearoom ( which is highly recommended) the team headed down to Bridport Museum for a tour in order to share experiences with another local museum and to gain inspiration from their plans for the future.

Bridport is a Saxon town and is famous for its rope making industry and it was fab to see how they used the space inside the building to really tell the story of Bridport right from its early beginnings, into a important industrial town, especially for a museum with a very small number of paid staff. Upstairs we saw a fantastic exhibition about a local lady who painted eggs and sent them to the soldiers serving abroad in The First World War, complete with a digital photoframe to add to the interpretation (definitely will be stealing that idea!)


Staff learning about the rope and net making industries of the town – this is an original net making machine, it looked incredibly complicated to run!


They even have a lego plesiosaur to compliment their fossilised one !


and a tiger! BOO!

All in all it was a very informative and helpful day!

To find out more about what Bridport Museum are up to visit their website : http://www.bridportmuseum.co.uk/


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