Slanderers Notice Stoke633

Just a short blog today but one that we have found quite amusing in the CHAC offices.

Whilst having a tidy up of our map chests this morning we stumbled upon this really quite funny public apology, (although entirely serious at the time we are sure!). It would appear that sometime in 1836 two women in Stoke-sub-Hamdon had a falling out causing one of the ladies – Ann Prigg to “vilely slander and abuse” Maria Helliar.

Ms Helliar was obviously so upset by what Ann Prigg had said that she sought to press charges unless a public apology was made.

We imagine that this notice would have been nailed to a notice board in the village or perhaps to the church doors.

We don’t know if such public apologies were commonplace in the 1800s as this is the only example that we can find in CHAC’s collections and have yet to find a similar example anywhere else – although we would love to hear from you if you know of any!


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