Dress Down Friday….

Hi all!

Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter break! It’s that time of the week again and this Friday we are blogging about a mixture of what’s been happening at CHAC during the week and also a new Fish Friday post! (Finally!)


This week at CHAC were been thinking a lot about our costume collection – perhaps its because we ate too much chocolate last weekend and our own clothes aren’t fitting so well anymore. Our main aim for the week was to repackage our lace collection after some expert advice from the lovely ladies at Honiton All Hallows Museum (see previous post for details!). What started off as a quick hour or two job turned into nearly a whole day of wrapping, rolling and folding. Image

The lace all laid out as found before the re-packing began


Two lace butterflies – examples of Venetian Needle-Point hand made lace – The highlight of CHACs lace collection.


The lace all packed up and ready to be stored in acid free tissue and calico in a conservation standard box – lovely!


But of course it wouldn’t be a Friday without a Fish Friday post – so on the theme of costume we have selected a receipt from Mr Clive Alexander’s Ladies Outfitters in Middle Street in Yeovil for one Coat – paid £3.10s. What really made us interested in this item however is the date, dated 25th of April 1932 – 82 years old today!

Mr Alexander’s shop is mentioned in The Kelly’s Directory of Businesses in Somerset and was based at 38b Middle Street, Yeovil which is now the site of the Nationwide Building Society – Kelly’s Directory shows that by 1939 Mr Alexander’s shop was also occupying the premise next door – 38a,  so he must have been popular! It’s just a shame we don’t have any photographs of the 1930s shop!


If you remember Mr Alexander’s Ladies Outfitters, bought any items there or have any photos we’d love to hear from you! 


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