Happy Easter from CHAC…

This will be our last blog post before Easter so we would just like to take the time to wish everyone a very happy Easter (I am afraid that this means yet another Friday will come and go without a “Fish Friday” post – I promise to be more “on it” next week to make up for the last couple of weeks!)


I couldn’t find anything specifically Easter related in the stores to blog about this week but I did find some CHOCOLATE related items which is almost as good! Our chocolate item in question is a small foil wrapped chocolate coin found inside a wall during the rebuilding of Ivel House in Ilchester in 1957!!! (so that’s a 56 year old chocolate coin folks!) The coin was made in Italy and is decorated in the style of a 1938 Turkish 5 Kurus coin and bears a laurel wreath on one side and the star and crescent moon symbol on the other.




We’re not sure why someone would go to the lengths of encasing their chocolate coin inside a wall but we have a hunch that it was for a more significant purpose than just out foxing greedy family members. The star and crescent moon logo seems to have been important to the town of Ilchester for hundreds of years. 


Although widely known for being the symbol of Islam the star and crescent moon symbol has featured in many different cultures over the past millennium and was present in Ilchester from around the 17th century. Other items in our collection from Ilchester bearing the symbol include a button from the town’s almshouse and a Friendly Society brass polehead.

And on that note have a wonderful Easter and we’ll see you next week!



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